Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025 (RIE2025)

Investment in research, innovation and enterprise activities have helped Singapore overcome our natural constraints, build a competitive economy, and create jobs for our people.  

Under the current five-year national Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) Plan – RIE2020 – the government has sustained its commitment to research, innovation and enterprise, with S$19 billion set aside for 2016 to 2020.   

The next five year RIE Plan, RIE2025, will build new capabilities to lay our foundation as a Smart Nation, drive our economic development, benefit our people, and build Singapore into a secure and sustainable city.  This will be made possible by our continued commitment to invest in basic research, our emphasis on nurturing our RIE talent – both local and international – to thrive, and our efforts to build national platforms that bring together our academia, business and government to address new global challenges and seize new opportunities using Science & Technology (S&T).

Share your views on RIE2025

In the lead up to RIE2025, we would like to hear your thoughts and feedback on how RIE2025 could be more meaningful for you and our RIE community.

Please share your views on RIE2025 through the Feedback Form below. 


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