Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering


To develop technological capabilities that support the growth and competitiveness of our manufacturing and engineering sectors

Strategic Goals in RIE2020

  • Support economic growth, create good jobs for Singaporeans and prepare our economy for the future
  • Strengthen linkages across public research performers and both large and small enterprises to sharpen value creation from public R&D investments
  • Build capabilities where Singapore can offer a differentiated value proposition, including making strategic bets ahead of industry to position Singapore for emerging opportunities

Manufacturing has been a key pillar of Singapore’s economy as we progressed from a labour-intensive economy to an innovation-intensive one. As of 2015, manufacturing contributed close to 20% of gross domestic product, and employed more than 500,000 people. Our manufacturing sector will face increasing external competitive pressures and internal factor constraints, but these will be balanced by opportunities presented by the growth of ASEAN and Asia in both production capacity and consumption needs. Against this backdrop, R&D and technology play key roles in strengthening our existing manufacturing sectors, seeding new growth niches and boosting productivity.

Within the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) domain, eight key industry verticals have been identified for RIE2020, based on the potential for Singapore to achieve global leadership, the presence of new opportunities for growth, and the ability to generate good jobs for Singaporeans. These are: 

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery & Systems
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Precision Modules & Components
  • Biologics & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 
  • Medical Technology Manufacturing

Four cross-cutting technology areas have also been identified as essential enablers, which will undergird and support the verticals. These are:

  • Robotics and Automation
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials

To maximise value creation, integrated strategies will be developed across the entire innovation value chain, drawing on the capabilities of stakeholders in the ecosystem, including government agencies, public research performers, universities, and industry. For example, inputs from industry will be sought in the conceptualisation of programmes supported by the Industry Alignment Fund (Pre-Positioning) scheme.

Key Schemes open to Public Research Performers

Scheme Description 
Individual Research Grants 
  • Grants to individual researchers for bottom-up ideas that support capabilities needed by AME domain
  • Open to all public research performers
  • Awarded through open grant calls 
Programmatic Grants
  • To support thematic programmes that seed longer-term capabilities for future industry readiness
  • Open to all public research performers via open calls / directed mechanisms 
Industry Alignment Fund (Pre-Positioning) (IAF-PP)
  • Forward-looking programme to seed and build capabilities ahead of industry interest, so as to generate industry traction
  • Projects require support from both A*STAR and the Economic Development Board (EDB)
  • Open to all public research performers via open calls / directed mechanisms

Contact Point

Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Research and Enterprise Division (Research & Development) at:  


#12-02, CREATE Tower

Singapore 138602

Tel: 6684 2900 Fax: 6684 0384