Technology Consortia

NRF has supported research projects through grants including the Competitive Research Programme, NRF Fellowship, and other thematic competitive grant calls in the areas of cybersecurity and synthetic biology. 

Over time, individual pockets of research expertise and capabilities have developed, with emerging technology areas among the awarded projects. NRF worked with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to set up technology consortia, which build on these individual research projects to integrate research outcomes around a technology area. 

Each consortium enhances knowledge sharing and technology transfer through collaborations among academia and industry partners. Companies can build on the knowledge discovery at the IHLs to strengthen their technical competencies, attend technology seminars organised by the researchers to learn about the latest research, and hire  researchers for their in-house R&D efforts. IHLs are also more aligned with industry needs and requirements.

Through the consortia, there are also opportunities for industry members to engage in joint research projects with the academia members. Academia-industry interaction is important as it promotes the commercialisation of research outcomes and the development of industry-relevant technologies, hence strengthening the link between innovation and economic growth.

To date, NRF has supported the setup of the following technology consortia:


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