The Energy Challenge

As a small country with a high dependence on imported energy, the sharply rising oil prices of recent times are posing a serious challenge to Singapore’s economic competitiveness and growth. This, plus the Republic’s commitment to do her part in the global effort to combat climate change means that a cost-competitive energy solution has to be found and deployed within 20 years to improve Singapore’s energy efficiency, reduce its carbon emissions and broaden its energy options.

The energy National Innovation Challenge (Energy NIC) was established by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in Feb 2011 to bring about significant changes in Singapore’s energy landscape in a whole-of-government effort.


Under the National Research Foundation’s 2015 Strategic Plan, the Energy NIC has been allocated S$300 million (2011-2015) to harness Singapore’s R&D base to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and increase energy options.

Together with the whole of government, academia and industry, the Energy NIC will seek to achieve technological breakthroughs and system solutions based on high impact, scope for innovation and competitive advantage to Singapore.


Key agencies will embark on the development of technology roadmaps in areas such as smart grids, carbon capture and storage/utilisation, green buildings and renewables.

Interested parties are encouraged to collaborate with the different agencies on the roadmap development.


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