Sentinel Platform

An illustration of the Sentinel Platform, comprising the Sentinel Core unit and NucleuS software. 

Sentinel Platform is a power, communications and intelligence solution that enables agricultural and environmental monitoring in demanding field conditions. It can be used for forestry research, meteorological forecasting and disaster relief. It consists of the Sentinel Core control unit and a web-based software called NucleuS. 

The Sentinel Core unit.

Sentinel Core is a datalogging and control unit that consists of in-built power storage, cellular capabilities and multi-communications interface. It is compatible with a wide range of sensors, making it possible to rapidly configure it for a wide range of sensing applications. Sensor parameters include weather, microclimate, plant physiology, geotechnical, water soil conditions, acoustics and video. As it allows virtually any device to be integrated, it provides high flexibility for applications while keeping costs competitive. 

A screenshot of the NucleuS’ plantation navigation function. 

NucleuS is the graphical user interface that supports the Sentinel Platform. Users can view, control, manage and export data obtained from all devices connected to the Sentinel Core. Features include a map for easy orientation and location of sensors, options to view and analyse data, ability to add or remove sensors on an ad-hoc basis, plantation management and navigation, and real-time field information. It can also be used to set custom alerts to trigger users under certain conditions, for example when memory or power is running low, or when a specific sensor reads an important change. 

The platform has been deployed in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA by both government agencies and the private sector. In Indonesia, it has been used to run a sustainable crop management programme to enhance yield and improve the livelihood of smallholder cocoa farmers. 

Sentinel Platform was developed by Sven Yeo, Dr Kelvin Yong, Vincent Wei and Tan Eng Hwa from local start-up BioMachines. It was supported by Small World Group Incubator, an incubator under NRF’s Technology Incubation Scheme. 


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