mPowerpad 2

The mPowerpad 2 is a portable multi-function charger with an internal battery and a removable battery packet.

The mPowerpad 2 is a portable multi-function charger to charge mobile devices on the go, with an in-built radio, flashlight and insect repellent. It features versatile three-way charging from solar power, USB connection to a laptop, or connection to a power socket.

Its multi-functionality and rugged design makes it suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping, hiking or mountaineering. It is also suitable for sales representatives or medical professionals who have to work in remote areas as it can recharge using solar energy.

This video shows how the mPowerpad 2 can charge mobile devices on the go.

The mPowerpad 2 is an improvement from the first generation mPowerpad, with a more efficient solar panel and two batteries – an internal battery and a removable pocket battery pack. It has various models to cater to different user needs. 

The mPowerpad is sold and distributed in countries including the USA, Australia, Japan, India and Singapore. The mPowerpad is developed by
Third Wave Power, a local renewable energy start-up. It is supported by Small World Group Incubator, an incubator under NRF’s Technology Incubation Scheme.   


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