WebOrion Defacement Monitor and Restorer

In light of increasing cyber-attacks and more sophisticated hacking, one local Singapore start-up has developed a suite of products to help enterprises and government agencies detect and recover from attacks and defacement to webpages.

Defacement Monitor


The start-up, Banff Cyber Technologies Pte Ltd, has developed a unique suite of solutions that includes a defacement monitor to alert site owners to unauthorised changes and defacement, and automatically restores a secured replica of a webpage that has been defaced. 

The defacement monitor uses three analytic engines to monitor defacement – content, integrity and images. Content analytics monitors HTML elements such as links, style sheets and iframes, while integrity analytics monitors elements that affect the look and feel of the website, such as internal and external javascripts and cascading style sheets. The image analytics renders a webpage into an image, and users select important regions to be monitored. The image analytics engine is user-friendly and suitable for beginners with no knowledge of HTML or coding. It is unique as it offers users the flexibility to choose and customise solutions that fit the nature of their websites. They can either use the three analytic engines simultaneously or independently. 

The defacement monitor, also known as the WebOrion™ Defacement Monitor, is able to differentiate between static and dynamic parts of a webpage, for example comments or social media feeds. Updates and changes to the dynamic parts will not be mistakenly identified as malicious attacks, making the monitoring tool ideal even for corporate websites with frequent updates.
Defacement Restorer

restorer (1)

The restorer is a separate product that easily restores a defaced webpage. Upon installation, it creates a secure replica of the webpage, which can be restored automatically or through a single click in case of defacement. Known as the WebOrion™ Restorer, this replica preserves the look and feel of the webpage but removes potential security loopholes such as forms or javascript. This helps companies and businesses to protect their web reputation by swiftly restoring the web presence while investigation continues from the backend. 

Moving forward, the company plans to create new innovative products that are related to cybersecurity in 2015. Mr Matthias Chin, founder and CEO of the company, revealed that they achieved a fair amount of traction among large enterprise and government customers in Singapore and Australia in 2014. They intend to raise Series A funding to get faster market penetration to other parts of Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. 

Banff Cyber Technologies Pte Ltd is incubated by Clearbridge Accelerator, an incubator under NRF’s Technology Incubation Scheme. It has received funding from SPRING Singapore’s Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme. 



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