Theme Park Navigation Applications

Screenshots of the user route guidance application showing the aQMI portal (left) and a visitor’s itinerary (right)

Researchers from the Singapore Management University have developed two mobile applications to enhance visitors’ experience in a large leisure setting, such as a theme park or museum.

The first application is a dynamic route planner for visitors based on personal preferences, queues and walking distance. Called the “User Route Guidance”, it is linked to the “Attraction Queue Monitoring & Intervention” (aQMI) portal that monitors visitor movements and queues at various attractions. When the waiting time at an attraction builds up, the operator can intervene by sending alerts to visitors about other attractions. This diverts heavy traffic to other areas which are less built up.

Designed for Apple iOS devices, this application was developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University and uses Universal Studios Singapore’s data for analysis and testing.

Screenshots of the Android application showing a visitor’s itinerary and next attraction (left), live map and augmented reality navigation screens (right)

The second application is designed for Android devices and comprises a visitor itinerary and a live map for navigation. The live map shows the current location of the visitors and recommends a route to the next attraction. Users can use augmented reality to navigate in a theme park.

Both technologies were developed by Prof Lau Hoong Chuin, Mr Fan Chun Pong and Ms Elizabeth Lim from Singapore Management University’s Living Analytics Research Centre. Their research was funded by NRF through the International Research Centres in Singapore funding initiative, under the Interactive Digital Media Strategic Research Programme.


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