The smove mobile application

smove is a technology development company that builds solutions to offer ‘mobility as a service’ and 'mobility on-demand’. It has developed a stable and scalable platform with hardware and software modules, and is using the technology in its Singapore commercial operation.

The smove solution allows people to hire a car when they need it at short notice, through their mobile phone with three to five clicks. Users can pick up the car from a parking location and drop it off wherever is convenient.  


Trip tracking, heat mapping, fuel consumption analysis and more in one

Currently smove has over 1,100 regular users and 17 cars that are run 100 per cent during peak periods (Friday-Monday) and 50-60 per cent off-peak. The business now seeks to scale up the size of its fleet and create new technology to address manpower needs.

smove plans to licence its technology to car fleet operators in urban locations outside Singapore by franchising mobility as a service.

smove was developed by Clean Mobility Singapore Pte Ltd and incubated by WaveMaker Labs, an incubator under NRF’s Technology Incubation Scheme. 


#12-02, CREATE Tower

Singapore 138602

Tel: 6684 2900 Fax: 6684 0384