Network Animation Factory

Network Animation Factory’s user interface

Current 2D animation systems in the market do not have flexible and ample process tools to collectively advance animation production competently. Some operations are still prepared frame by frame manually, taking up much production time. The Network Animation Factory (NAF) addresses these issues by utilising technologies to increase productivity, reduce production resources and provide customised workflows to efficiently manage animation projects. 

NAF’s production module includes features such as proprietary stroke representation, flexible vector drawing and editing, automatic in between generation, automatic colouring, effective occlusion control, and conversion between common vector formats. The management module enables users to organise animation projects by aggregating facilities such as a standardised file storage structure, security, scheduling, communication and notification. 


NAF being tested for Yu-Gi-Oh TV spot with Plum Studio

For the creative industry, NAF significantly increases productivity and changes the workflow of traditional animation production. Its technologies allow a reduced production cost of up to 40 per cent.  

This system was developed by Prof Seah Hock Soon from Nanyang Technological University. It was funded under NRF’s Proof-of-Concept grant scheme and supported by NTUitive Pte Ltd.


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