The T.Jacket touch technology vest and its smartphone application.

T.Jacket is a wearable touch technology vest that provides deep touch pressure to wearers. It simulates the feeling of a hug with laterally applied air pressure to calm, comfort and sooth the nerves of anyone who is stressed or anxious. 

Deep touch pressure helps people who face constant stress and anxiety by calming the wearer and improving the wearer’s attention and focus. Deep touch pressure also helps children and adults with sensory modulation issues, who may over-respond or under-respond to sensory stimuli. These issues are commonly faced by individuals with conditions such as sensory processing difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, Alzheimer’s dementia and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

T.Jacket is designed as a hoodie vest for everyday use, and together with an automatic air-pump system, it is light and convenient for use at home and outside. T.Jacket comes with a number of automated pressure programmes to suit the moods and needs of the wearer. Using the T.Jacket smartphone or tablet application, one can vary the intensity, duration and pressure programmes at the press of a button. This allows the jacket to deliver calming and relaxing pressure patterns that suit individual needs and moods. This also prevents the wearer from becoming habituated to the pressure, allowing T.Jacket to enable longer periods of attentiveness. 


The jacket is also built with sensors to measure and automatically record user activity levels, for example whether the wearer is seated, walking, jumping or running. The T.Jacket application automatically stores and uploads such information onto the T.Cloud system, allowing easy access to such data.

T.Jacket was developed by T.Ware Pte Ltd in collaboration with senior occupational therapists, university researchers, clinical psychologists and educators. It is currently being used in occupational therapy centres, early intervention centres and schools including Nurture Pods, SPD Ability Centre, MINDS Towner Gardens School, MINDS Woodlands Gardens School, APSN, Fei Yue EIPIC Centre, and Project Autism Australia. It is also commercially available on its website for US$549.

T.Ware Pte Ltd won the top prize in the 2014 Asian Entrepreneurship Award in Kasiwa-no-ha city, Japan in July 2014. The prize included 3 million yen (S$36,500) and a two-year tenancy at an incubation lab in Kasiwa-no-ha. Co-founder James Teh said they would use the incubation lab to work with Japanese research organisations like Keio University and the University of Electro-Communications, in order to boost their presence in Japan and the region. 

T.Jacket was developed by T.Ware Pte Ltd, a spin-off company from the Keio-NUS Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments (CUTE) Center. CUTE Center was funded by NRF through the International Research Centres in Singapore (IRC@SG) funding initiative, under the Interactive Digital Media Strategic Research Programme.


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