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Endofotonics has successfully developed the SPECTRA IMDx™ system, which enables real-time detection of early gastric cancer during endoscopy. This is a world’s first in miniaturising and embedding Raman spectroscopy within an optical probe that can fit through an endoscope.

The SPECTRA IMDx™ system consists of a laser system, a spectrometer, a computer with an analysis algorithm installed and a specially designed fiber-optic Raman endoscopic probe.

SPECTRA IMDx™️ helps doctors identify early cancer lesions by analysing molecular changes that typically occur beyond the stomach lining. Such cancer lesions may not be easily detectable visually. SPECTRA IMDx™ is a new and unique solution enabling timely medical intervention.

Two research prototype systems have been deployed in the National University Hospital. They have demonstrated the ability for in-vivo molecular diagnosis of even pre-cancerous tissues in more than 500 patients undergoing endoscopic examinations. These patients had diverse cancer types like stomach, oesophagus, colon, rectum, head and neck, and cervix.

The SPECTRA IMDx™ was funded under the Strategic Research Programme for Biomedical Sciences Translational & Clinical Research (TCR), and the S&T2010 TCR flagship programme for Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium. The technology was licensed to Endofotonics, a spin-off company by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Industry Liaison Office. 

Endofotonics is a MedTech company founded in 2013 by Professor Lawrence Ho, a senior consultant gastroenterologist with the National University Hospital in Singapore and is currently led by CEO, Mr Peter Cheng, COO, Mr Chew Jing Ming and Lead Optical Specialist Dr Harsono Cahyadi. Endofotonics targets to launch its SPECTRA IMDx™ system in Europe and selected countries in Asia in 2021.


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