Low-Cost Touch Interface for Large-Sized Surfaces

A demonstration of the large-sized touch interface

Existing large-sized touch interfaces in the market are costly and typically need to be pre-fabricated. This prototype of the next generation touch interface uses surface-mounted sensors to convert any ordinary surface into a touch interface. 

This technology uses low-cost vibration sensors that detect localised vibrations, for example a finger or stylus tapping on the surface. This effectively converts any flat surface – including glass, wood, aluminium and acrylic materials – into a touch interface. 


Asst Prof Andy Khong drawing on a prototype of the large-sized touch interface

As this technology is scalable according to the needs of the market, it can be applied to after-market needs such as conversion of flat panel displays or glass walls into touch interfaces. Its robustness to outdoor background vibration, lighting conditions, and infra-red interference also increases its commercial viability. 

This technology is developed by Asst Prof Andy Khong from Nanyang Technology University. It is funded by NRF’s Proof-of-Concept grant scheme and supported by NTUitive Pte Ltd. 


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