High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving LED Fabrication

(L-R) An epitaxial wafer, emitting LED wafer, LED device, and LED chip

Artificial lighting consumes about 19 per cent of global energy generation, but the energy efficiency of current lighting technology is still rendered insufficient and the scientific challenge is to reach high-quality photometric performance lighting, while maintaining high energy efficiency. 

The technology the team developed uses innovative epitaxial growth and high-quality quantum dot nanoluminophors to develop high-efficiency LED devices that outperform commercially available fluorescent and LED lighting systems. In addition, high current density injection and other innovations have dramatically reduced the cost of fabricating and packaging an LED chip. 

The high-efficiency and energy-saving LED fabrication technology is now ready for licensing and commercialisation. It demonstrates high commercial viability as the market for LED-based lighting systems has grown with a strong demand for general lighting, LCD TV backlight and laptop applications. 


High-quality quantum dot nanoluminophors

The research team has partnered Lemnis Lighting and OSRAM for research projects on high-quality and energy-saving LED lighting systems. The team has also engaged other companies for potential collaborations. 

This technology was developed by a team of researchers including Dr Hilmi Volkan Demir, Dr Sun Xiao Wei, Dr Sun Handong and Dr Xiong Qihua from Nanyang Technological University, and Dr Teo Kie Leong from National University of Singapore. This was funded under NRF’s Competitive Research Programme grant scheme. 


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