GYSS 2022 Highlights

Recap the inspiring stories and lessons that eminent speakers shared at the first ever virtual GYSS2022 Summit.


Panel Discussion – Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Prof Thomas Cech (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1989), Prof Robert Langer (Millennium Technology Prize, 2008), and Prof Wang Linfa gather to discuss what we have learnt from this pandemic to prepare for future episodes. Moderated by Prof Teo Yik Ying, the discussion also focused on the roles of scientists, and of science, in shaping local and global responses against the threat of pandemics.


Panel Discussion – Next Generation Grid

Dr B. Jayant Baliga (IEEE Medal of Honor, 2014), Prof Stanley Whittingham (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2019) and Prof Ron Hui, discussed how the future may be powered. Moderated by Dr Yeoh Lean Weng, the discussion also touched on energy storage capabilities and power management systems.

Panel Discussion –Start-Up Opportunities for Young Scientists

Prof Robert Langer (Millennium Technology Prize, 2008), Prof Stuart Parkin (Millennium Technology Prize, 2014), and Prof Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli shared insights on how young scientists can embark on the entrepreneurial path through start-ups. Moderated by Dr Lim Jui, young scientists also learnt how start-ups are disrupting industries like Big Pharma.
Prof Didier Queloz: Exoplanets and Life in the Universe

Prof Didier Queloz (Nobel Prize in Physics, 2019) had the audience enrapt with his presentation on “Exoplanets and Life in the Universe”, delivering essentially a tutorial in how astrophysicists measure the atmosphere of Exoplanets, and what that tells us about Earth’s past and future.

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Panel Discussion on 'Has Scientific Research Fundamentally Changed?'

Moderated by Sir Peter Gluckman, Prof Aaron Ciechanover (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2004), Prof Stefan Hell (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2014), and Dr Venki Ramakrishnan (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2009) discussed if science and research had changed over the years
Prof Benjamin List - Chemical Catalysis as Enabling Science & Tech for Humankind

Prof Benjamin List (Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 2021), delved into three catalytic processes that have shaped human life. He hopes that further studies of catalysis can create a more sustainable future.
Panel Discussion - Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Governance

Prof Cédric Villani (Fields Medal, 2010), Prof Leslie Valiant (Turing Award, 2010), Prof Simon Chesterman and moderator Prof Chan Heng Chee, discussed the ethical, regulatory, and policy implications that arise from the development of AI.