Science of Learning Planning Grants

* The call is now closed. View the list of awarded projects. *

To develop Singapore’s research capabilities in the Science of Learning, the National Research Foundation announced a call for proposals for Planning Grants in June 2015. 

Details of Grant Application

The grant support is up to $100,000 (including 20% indirect costs) for one year. Besides the immediate approach to be supported by the Planning Grant, the proposal must clearly articulate the problem statement and a summary of the approach to be further described in the Full Proposal. Full Proposals should lead to actionable and scalable interventions for translation. Successful applications will be  expected to submit Full Proposals, or a report detailing why the initial proposed approach is not feasible.

Planning Grant Proposal

The Planning grant will support activities toward the development of a Full Proposal. Activities could include research support (manpower, consumables, etc) to obtain preliminary data, or meetings with international experts for example. The Full Proposal will support collaboration with international researcher(s).

White Paper
To encourage forward thinking, the Planning Grant application will require concise details on what will be further elaborated in the Full Proposal, and must address the following questions:

a. What problem are you trying to address?

b. How is it done today? Who are the leading researchers studying this problem and what is your understanding of the limitations of their current approaches? What is your approach and how does this differ from what others are doing? Why do you think that your proposal will be successful?

c. How are the financial and human resources organised to accomplish your proposed objective? What are the technical risks and how would these be mitigated?

d. What are the roles and contributions of the co-PIs and collaborators? Why are you and your team members particularly qualified to do this? How do the collaborations between the disciplines, institution or with industry add value to the project?

e. What are the scientific milestones / metrics that can be used to measure the success at completion of the Planning Grant and the Full Proposal?

f. What are the potential advances and benefits for society?

g. How will the project be actionable and scalable?

The descriptions of the Planning Grant proposal and the White Paper should not exceed 5 pages (Arial font size 10) in total.

Applicants can expect to be notified by email on the outcome of the grant call by Nov 2015.

Eligibility Criteria

Lead and Co-PIs at the point of application must fulfil the following requirements:

a. Hold a primary full-time appointment in a Singapore publicly funded

b. Have a laboratory or research program that carries out research in

c. Have no outstanding (i.e. late submission) reports from other national

Assessment Criteria

Some of the key criteria include:

a.    Relevance of the application to the aims and scope defined in the call
       - Significance of the problem
       - Development of research capabilities in Singapore

b.    Quality
       - Scientific excellence
       - Technological novelty

c.    Impact
       - Potential benefit for scientific breakthroughs or disruption
       - Opportunities to address global challenges
       - Opportunities for translation results

d.    Implementation
       - Competencies of the research team
       - Complementarity of the expertise of the research team
       - Whether aims and objectives are achievable within the timeframe

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