Science of Learning

The Science of Learning Initiative aims to strengthen Singapore’s research capabilities and grow a pool of manpower, as we research and develop a science-based understanding of the effectiveness of Singapore’s education methods as well as develop new methods to realise better learning outcomes. NRF is looking to support the formation of multi-disciplinary teams to perform cutting edge research, leading to actionable and scalable interventions in the field of Science of Learning. 

Research topics can be based on, but need not be limited to, research in the following priority areas:

  1. Developing neuroscience-informed interventions for translation. This refers to the development of interventions built on existing related neuroscience knowledge.

  2. Validation of cognitive theories or interventions with neuroscientific evidence. This refers to the corroboration of existing interventions/theories with the development of new neuroscience knowledge.

  3. Development of platform technologies as tools to support scaling of interventions with neuroscientific evidence. This focuses on methods to scale up application of established intervention methods.

To develop Singapore’s research capabilities in the Science of Learning, the National Research Foundation (NRF) has launched a call for Planning Grants and a call for Full Proposals. The call for Planning Grants has closed, click here for more information on the awarded projects. The call for Full Proposals has closed, and more information on the awarded projects will be available soon. 


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