Awarded Projects of Second NRF-NSFC Joint Grant Call

The National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding in November 2015 to explore collaboration through joint grant calls. 

The second joint call addressed two topics of mutual interest, i.e. environmental science and quantum technologies. The selected projects from the second call are listed below. 

NRF-NSFC Joint Grant Call (Environmental Science)


Project Title

Principal Investigators


Synergistic Degradation of Highly Stable Halogen-Organocompounds with Low-Concentration by Adsorption- Thermophotocatalysis for Cleaning Surface Water

Chen Wei, National University of Singapore

Li Hexing, Shanghai Normal University


Fundamental Study on the Sooting Characteristics of Liquid Fuels with Different Molecular Structures

Yang Wenming, National University of Singapore

Wang Zhi, Tsinghua University


Integrative Systematics on Apoidea in China and adjacent countries in Southeast Asia

John Stoskopf Ascher, National University of Singapore

Zhu Chao-Dong, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Quantifying Asian monsoon changes during the Late Quaternary by using triple oxygen isotopes in speleothems

Wang Xianfeng, Nanyang Technological University

Sasadhar Mahata, Xi'an Jiaotong University


Manipulating Interfacial Process of Extracellular Electron Transfer in Bioelectrochemical Systems for "Wastewater Energy Nexus"

Chen Xiaodong, Nanyang Technological University

Ren Nanqi, Harbin Institute of Technology



NRF-NSFC Joint Grant Call (Quantum Technologies)


Project Title

Principal Investigators


Realization of Quantum Spin Hall Effects and Devices Based on Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators

Andrew Wee, National University of Singapore

Chen Lan, Chinese Academy of Sciences


3D Photonic Waveguide Array for Post-Quantum Cryptography with Quantum Walk

Liu Ai-Qun, Nanyang Technological University

Jin Xianmin, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Room Temperature Strong Coupling of Quantum System to Nanocavity for Quantum Information Processing

Jason Png, Agency for Science, Technology and Research

Wang Xuehua, Sun Yat-Sen University



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