Awarded Projects of First NRF-NSFC Joint Grant Call

The National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding in November 2015 to explore collaboration through joint grant calls. 

The inaugural joint call addressed two topics of mutual interest, i.e. data science and emerging infectious diseases. The selected projects from the inaugural call are listed below. 

NRF-NSFC Joint Research Grant Call (Data Science)

No Project Title Principle Investigator Host Institution
1 Optimisation-based modelling and algorithmic study for deep analyses of big cancer genomic data
Dr Zhang Louxin 
National University of Singapore
2 Integrative profiling of epigenomic landscape of kidney cancer (clear cell renal cell carcinoma) for precision therapy 
Prof Teh Bin Tean
Duke-NUS Medical School
3 Realistic immersion with virtual humans
Prof Magnenat Thalmann Nadia
Nanyang Technological
4 Multilingual Multimodal Knowledge Graph (M3KG) and its application in Smart Nation Prof Chua Tat-seng
National University of Singapore
5 Sequence design for data reduction over time-varying channels
Prof Guan Yong Liang
Nanyang Technological University
6 DCMMH: Dietary Computational Model for Mobile Health
Dr Wang Gang
Nanyang Technological University
7 Lattice Boltzmann simulation and experimental study of aeroacoustic damping of Helmholtz cavity-backed perforated orifices in combustion systems (LBADH)
Prof Zhao Dan  Nanyang Technological University
8 Multi-source multi-target deep neural networks based on novel parallel/distributed CPU/GPU hybrid architecture for train fault detection
Dr Zeng Zeng
Institute for Infocomm
9 Managing, linking and analysing heterogeneous trajectory data
Dr Wu Huayu
Institute for Infocomm


NRF-NSFC Joint Grant Call (Emerging Infectious Diseases)

No Project Title Principal Investigator Host Institution
1 Discovery of Sialic Acid-Based Influenza Antiviral Agents (DiscSIA)
Prof Liu Xuewei
Nanyang Technological University
2 Development of chimeric Zika vaccine candidates based on different flavivirus attenuated strains for prevention of emerging Zika virus outbreaks (ZIKAVAC)
Dr Chu Justin Jang Hann
National University of Singapore
3 Combating the next SARS- or MERS-like emerging infectious disease outbreak by improving active surveillance
Prof Wang Linfa
Duke-NUS Medical School
4 Deciphering antibody repertoire response to influenza virus in immunised non-human primates using next-generation sequencing, antibody cloning, and bioinformatics analysis to establish a model for predictive evaluation of influenza vaccine
Prof Tan Yee Joo
National University of Singapore
5 Regulation of Hepatitis B virus replication and transcription: Structure and Function
Dr Yuan Adam (Yu-Ren)
National University of Singapore



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