Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on the ANR-NRF grant call.


Q: Are any restrictions on the Singaporean scientific coordinator e.g. must be full-time faculty member?
A: There are no restrictions, but should be Singapore-based.

Q: On the ANR application page, it says the pre-proposal closing date is on October 16. However, it is past the deadline now, how should I proceed?
A: The closing date on that webpage is for the call targeted at the French research eco-system only. The pre-registration for the international call remains open until 18 November 2014 (refer to the right hand side column in the table).

Q: What are the requirements for pre-registration?
A: Your French collaborator will need to sign up through the ANR website to pre-register interest in this joint call. Thereafter, he/she will be able to access the ANR website for more information on the proposal. As the Singapore collaborator, you should email NRF to pre-register your interest. In addition, both parties would need to submit the pre-proposal to ANR and NRF. The proposal should be in English.


Q: Will I need to register at the NRF website, while my French counterpart registers at the ANR website by 18 November 2014?
A: On the Singapore side, you will need to indicate your interest by emailing or Your French counterpart will have to pre-register via the ANR website.

Q: Do all the collaborators on the French side need to pre-register, or only the French PI of the proposal is required to register?
A: Only the French PI needs to pre-register.

Q: I am required to enter a ‘code unite’ on the ANR website, but I am not aware of one for my lab. How should I proceed?
A: Please contact ANR for clarification.

Guidelines on Proposal

Q: Is there a template for the proposal?
A: No, there is no template but you are advised to follow the submission guidelines here.

Q: Is higher institute endorsement required? At which stage will it be required?
A: Yes, this will be required at the full proposal stage.

Q: What can be considered under "nanotechnologies"?
A: The primary area of research should be in the field of nanotechnologies, nanosystems and materials. The eventual application of the research outcomes may vary.

Submission of Proposal

Q: How do I submit the proposal to NRF?
A: Please send your proposal to Mr TANG Weylin at, or Mr WANG Ning at

Q: How many proposal(s) is/are needed for both the Singapore and French researchers?
A: Only one proposal needs to be submitted to both NRF and ANR.

Q: Is the proposal from both the France and Singapore sides the same proposal or two parts of one proposal?
A: The proposal must be the same proposal and not two parts of one proposal.

Q: How do I access the information for the joint France-Singapore research programme?
A: Please go to this page for more information on the bilateral grant call.

Q: I am from Singapore and will be submitting a joint proposal with my colleague from France. Will I need to submit the proposal to NRF on the Singapore end?
A: Yes, you would need to submit the same proposal (all proposals should be in English) via email to NRF, while your French collaborator should submit it via the ANR website before 18 November 2014. NRF and ANR will ensure consistency in all proposals received.

Q: Will the full proposal submission be done via the RITA system for the Singaporean partners?
A: No. RITA will not be used for this. Please submit via our indicated point of contact.

Q: What will happen after submission of the proposals for pre-registration?
A: NRF will consolidate the submissions and verify that the same proposal has been sent to ANR. We will get in touch on the development of the full proposal before the call closure on 30 March 2015, 1pm (Paris time).

Budget & Funding

Q: For the pre-registration submission, how much detail is needed in the budget? Do we need to itemise the consumables? Is quotation needed for the equipment?
A: At this juncture, there is no need to itemise the consumables. However, please clearly specify large capital equipment i.e. those above S$200k. No quotation is needed for the capital equipment at this moment, but the justification for any equipment must be clearly stated.

Q: The maximum funding quantum for the Singaporean partners is SGD430,000, is this sum inclusive of the Indirect Research Cost?
A: This is inclusive of indirect research cost.

Q: If the funds for two Singapore researchers from different research institutes are transferred to one account, will we need to specify the exact distribution of the fund in the proposal?
A: NRF will reimburse the account specified by the local lead PI. The subsequent distribution arrangement would be between the research institutes that the respective researchers belong to. You would need to specify the budget distribution in the proposal.

Q: I’m interested to apply for the above grant together with my French collaborator. At the same time, we also have another collaborator from Singapore whose expertise is critical to the project. Is it possible to include a second Singapore researcher as co-PI and divide the fund in Singapore between both of us?
A: You can include the other Singapore collaborator as co-PI. The funds will be transferred to one local party.

Q: I have noted that only one overseas conference is supported, may I know if the funding supports exchange students or on-site visiting from the collaborators from both sides?
A: Yes, the funding can support exchange students and on-sites visit. You may consider applying for Merlion grants should there be a need.

Q: Are the Terms & Conditions governing this grant available? May I request for a copy?
A: We understand this information is in French at the moment, and can only be made available to the French collaborator upon pre-registration of interest via the ANR website. The English version would be released soon.

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