The Elevator (March 2018)


Organised by: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Pollinate)
Theme: Advanced Manufacturing (Automation & Robotics)

Team Abstracts

A Telepresence Robot with Autonomous Mobility and Cloud Intelligence
Telebot is a humanoid telepresence robotic platform that enables the communication and management of activities remotely. For example, caregivers (relative of elderly,  early childhood care operators) can engage their targeted client users in managing daily activities and social interactions. It is developed with environmental awareness and cloud intelligence to function autonomously as a companion that can engage and assist the targeted users. Telebots offer features such as:

  • Localisation and floor mapping Security for a different level of authenticated users
  • Ultra-wideband based indoor navigation system with obstacle avoidance capability
  • Telepresence with video conferencing capability
  • Misson Planner connected to a cloud database to schedule tasks for Telebot in-advance
  • Semi-automatic mode: Telebot can be controlled by a remote user to move around in the indoor environment to monitor or interact with people over the internet
  • Customised application-related handling

The team is pitching for investment from VC to support the startup company on the go-to-market pathway and also to provide the knowledge on the eco-system to reach out to strategic markets for specific applications and industry verticals.

Laser Doppler Vibrometers (LDV)
In the field of modern precision manufacturing, mechanical vibrations always affect the fabrication accuracy and the surface roughness of the workpiece. Real time monitoring of the vibration of machine structure or processing tool, such as bearing, high-speed spindles, shafts, etc., can provide engineers with specific vibration parameters and further monitor the status of fabrication. However, bonding a contact sensor to rotating or moving objects is not feasible in many applications. An optical non-contact vibration monitoring system with eye-safe laser is required by many manufacturers. The team is looking for external funding to invest to further develop the technology. The fund will be use to form a team to realize the technology into actual product. Estimate fund looking for is $250k for first two years. 

Smart Electrical Outlet/Socket (SEOS) for Buildings
While smart home automation is a booming business, very little of such smartness is available for commercial buildings and buildings that facilitate manufacturing processes. In addition to that, current extent of smartness is insufficient towards having smart-grid operations. To lessen this gap, we propose a Smart Electrical Outlet/Socket (SEOS) that does plug-load identification. It is a new kind of socket-based system that can truly know what electrical appliances/machines/plug-loads are connected to a building. It can manage unique live digital-profiles for appliances (which are analogous to humans having Facebook profiles and Fitbit profiles). SEOS acts as a gateway technology to perform real-time inventory management of plug-loads, their scheduling, authorization, and many more new smart-grid operations. SEOS ecosystem can provide machine-to-machine and machine-to-human digitalized services that have never existed before, making this technology arguably a disruptive innovation. Our team is looking for feedback on the readiness of market and potential partners. 

3D Concrete Printing
3D concrete printing will be highly advantageous in terms of construction time, cost, flexibility and quality.  Here, concrete is extruded through nozzles to build structural components layer-by-layer without the use of formwork or vibration.  This market is expected to grow exponentially to US$40 billion by 2027. 

Conventional concrete mixes are not suitable for use in 3D concrete printing as these will collapse upon extrusion once more layers are built; moreover, the requirement for high pumping pressures and potential choking of equipment due to concrete hardening within a short time will push up operation & maintenance costs.  

TP has developed a material that will be suitable for 3D concrete printing, i.e. one that can be customised easily to suit change in flow, setting & mechanical properties with time.  

We are looking for commercial partners that can license the materials and/or invest in large-scale onsite printers for actual field trials.

Intersense is an advanced smart sensor card that enables the collection of environmental data for analytical thinking and mined data visualization for critical decision making. It is an important tool for the persistent generation of data which then enables algorithmic processing to determine trends for evolutionary predictive semantics. With the Intersense card, front-end sensors can be rapidly integrated into specific application needs such as the measurement of inertial motion, relative humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, volatile gas, sound recording, atmospheric lighting, and ionizing radiation.

The versatile device is no bigger than a name card holder and the portability feature will enable Start-up company, student as well as researcher and scientist in the specified field of use to learn how to code, experiment, sense, and build their own applications on the Intersense platform. Thus, making personalized sensing possible.

Botsync aims to tap into the niche market of unmanned ground vehicles for research purposes. Currently, the market faces problem of high cost and low flexibility for required features, hence making it difficult for customers to go lean and meet personal requirements. We provide cost-effective base vehicles which can be easily configured as per customers’ needs. In addition, we provide various software packages complementing the base vehicle. Botsync is looking to raise SGD 500,000 to develop commercial vehicles and accelerate our work in autonomous utility robots with capabilities such as autonomous docking, wireless charging and fleet management of robots.


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