The Elevator (June 2019)

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Organised by: NUS Enterprise
Theme: Food Technologies

Team Abstracts

Aurora Food
People want to enjoy gourmet, decadent foods without guilt. We make sweet choices easier by providing people with healthy indulgence. We harness the power of nature, using 100% natural plant extract, to reduce sugar surges from eating cake, without compromising the sensory quality of the cake. We offer high-quality functional bakery ingredients, together with processing technology and quality control solution to formulate the next generation diabetic-friendly bakery products. The minimal changes in product quality and organoleptic characteristics ensure that consumers can indulge in their favorite desserts. The functional phytonutrients that remain functional after harsh baking processes are the unsung hero to stop the sharp rise in blood glucose level. With this perfect combination, your sweet tooth is satisfied in a guilt-free way. 

SafeLight produces visible light disinfection systems. Our systems can kill bacteria, fungi and viruses using light that is completely safe to humans. They are based on a novel LED-based technology that kills microbes by targeting photosensitive compounds inside microbial cells. Our technology has proven effective against harmful pathogens such as MRSA, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E. coli. SafeLight systems can reduce the risk of contamination in an existing facility by providing an additional layer of security. They can complement existing routines, including cleaning protocols. The use of LEDs makes our systems energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They can be used to solve problems of bacterial contamination in healthcare, food processing, drug manufacture, transportation and in homes. SafeLight systems are sensor-enabled, and designed to evolve into a smart solution. 

Dining Butler
Dining Butler is a data tech company that has developed a simple-to-use solution for the F&B industry. It comprises various modules, 4 channels of ordering, POS, order management, operational kitchen/waiter display & print system, reports, diners’ retention. As Dining Butler collects data from all the F&B outlets' operations and transactions, these data can be capitalised to generate revenue to interested stakeholders. 

A new process to produce D-allulose, a potential table sugar substitute 
D-allulose (also called D-psicose) is a rare sugar that exists in extremely small quantities in nature. It is a promising table sugar substitute and has a potential as a pharmaceutical agent in clinical applications such as the treatment of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and atherosclerotic diseases. The manufacturing process of D-allulose is technologically difficult. The bottleneck of the manufacturing process is the conversion rate. Both chemical and enzyme routes can only convert around 30-40% of raw materials (D-fructose) to D-allulose. To obtain the pure product, we must separate these two sugars. Unfortunately, these two sugars share very similar structural and chemical properties and it is hard to separate them. Here we developed a novel way to bypass the separation. Using a probiotic bacterial strain, we successfully demonstrated that D-fructose can be removed from the D-fructose and D-allulose mixture and fully converted to L-lactic acid, a value-added product which is widely used in the food, cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical industries. This process would simplify the downstream processing since ionic L-lactic acid can be easily separated from non-ionic D-allulose by various established means. A relevant PCT patent has been filed on 31 May 2018.  

We have a mission to create experience-defining innovations in retail combining technology for our love of desserts. Swirl.GO is the Nespresso for soft serve & desserts (frozen yoghurt, milkshakes, ice blends, smoothies). With Swirl.GO, customers are able to choose from a wide variety of brands and variants of dessert capsules, insert it into our dispenser, and enjoy premium quality desserts within a minute. Conventional soft serve machines can only do 1-2 flavours. Unique design and processing technology ensures no food contact with machine. There is virtually zero maintenance requirements and no need for disassembly or washing which is needed in conventional soft serve machines. This makes it suitable for use in F&B, hospitality, catering, events, office pantries and even homes. Proprietary patent pending capsule technology paired with proprietary machine firmware algorithms to detect, control and optimise the quality of the dessert being dispense Smart - IoT connected device allows for data capture, analytics and optimisation (customer preferences, logistics, demand).

E2S2 Anaerobic Digestion System
Conventional centralised anaerobic digestion (AD) waste-to-energy processes are spatially and economically inefficient due to (1) large physical sizes of AD system to maintain efficiency and (2) high transportation cost. Backed by more than 5 years of joint research work from National University of Singapore and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, E2S2 Systems provides a highly compact and efficient hybrid AD waste-to-energy system. Compared to conventional AD systems, E2S2 AD System is 2-5 times more efficient and therefore requires smaller footprint. This allows the system to be deployed on site where waste is generated. The benefits for E2S2 AD system user include (1) elimination of waste transportation and waste disposal cost; (2) clean and odourless food waste management; (3) low operating and maintenance cost; (4) produces sustainable energy; (5) potential income from fertiliser by-product; (6) low footprint and manpower requirements as the system is compact and automated.


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