The Elevator (August 2017)

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Theme: IoT & Sensors 

Team Abstracts


TAGIT-MON© is designed with the objective to enable facility owners, small or large, to adopt and apply remote monitoring for their facilities without the entanglements of compulsory use of proprietary software or proprietary integration devices. TAGIT-MON© is a cross-platform software package that runs on Android and Windows devices. It enables mobile devices or PCs to communicate directly with the sensors via various industrial open protocols. These features significantly reduce complexity and cost as traditional sensor integrators with basic PC or smartphone knowledge are adequate when performing remote data acquisition. TAGIT-MON© encompasses various software modules which can be installed separately to cater for applications from simple local data collection to server based remote monitoring. TAGIT-MON© includes a user-friendly interface which allows user configuration and customization for specific remote monitoring applications. TAGIT-MON© includes features like creation of new sites and new monitoring points, creation of customized calculation for derived data, rules based alert and control condition, creation of customized real-time dashboard and data sharing with other stakeholders.

Whizspace Pte Ltd

There are 3 billion people in rural and developing countries who do not have access to the Internet, and delivering a cost effective connectivity solution to bridge this digital divide is a grand challenge. On the other hand, urbanization of cities results in the need for better utilization of resources – Smart Cities. The key bottleneck for IoT-enabled Smart Cities is again connectivity. To connect 50 billion IoT devices requires the networks to be low power, low cost and most importantly scalable for large numbers of sensors. Whizspace offers THE solutions based on TV White Space (TVWS), a.k.a. Super Wi-Fi. With long-range and good-penetration advantages, TVWS lowers the cost of the network and increases the speed of deployment by up to 10x. It addresses both the rural and urban needs. We are currently looking for partners and customers to expand the adoption of our solutions, and also opening another round of investment to expand our team and regional presence.

Cosmiqo International Pte Ltd - Port-EyeTM - collective intelligence for a safer world

The asset management system market was valued at USD 9.43 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 25.55 billion by 2022. With this increase, firms still continue to incur high costs to obtain insights into their assets due to a reliance on external communication infrastructure. As such there is a need to identify alternative lower cost communication mediums to unleash the insights hidden in data. Signal interferences are present in cities and this results in non-reliable transmission of sensor information. Secure and reliable sensor transmission is important as it allows for asset visibility and higher level planning can be performed. Cosmiqo offers a state-of-the-art virtual control tower solution backed by our patented technologies. We seek strategic investors and partners to expand the adoption of our solutions. The initial funds raised would be used to build a virtual control tower for a port that welcomes over 40,000 vessel-calls annually.

Autonomous Scooter

There are powered-assisted mobility solutions available in the commercial market that still require manual input for steering and directional guidance, but none have complete self-driving capabilities; including the capability of “follow mode”. In addition to “follow mode”, which can have a companion “accompanying” the user but with the ease of not pushing it, the self-driving mobility device is programmed to navigate autonomously towards the desired destination. This technology-enabled mobility device can serve hospitals; for example, one nurse can use “follow mode” or “accompany mode” to transfer multiple patients on wheelchairs from ward-to-ward. This set of technologies can be applied to other mobility applications, such as scooters for the last mile solution in Singapore’s transport network. The technology is adopted from the self-driving car spun out of SMART-NUS Future Mobility Lab. The team plans to go into commercial operations by 2020.

Smart Logistics Management System

The team developed a portable Smart Logistics Management System to monitor the environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and humidity) of a warehouse. Its setup is completely portable and can even be set up on a delivery truck. The system only requires one raspberry pi, one reader and multiple low-powered sensor tags to collect environmental data. It has local data storage but is also Wi-Fi enabled and can stream data onto a cloud server. Currently, our solution consists of a web portal to allow data limit control, user email alerts and various forms of data visualisation. This system is targeted for small & medium warehousing monitoring systems for SMEs’ adoption. The team is looking for customers interested in this system.


Kinexcs is a medical device startup building monitoring solutions to enhance rehabilitation for patients who have gone through orthopedic surgeries. Currently, clinicians have observed reduced clinical and functional outcomes post-operatively, which includes joint stiffness, reduced knee range of motion, reduced lower limb muscle strength, increased pain and a risk of injury. Our main concept is to use high-resolution wearable devices to remotely monitor, track, analyze and report the progress of the patient who is undergoing rehabilitation after surgery. We are seeking funding support to further development in areas such as manufacturing design, conducting clinical trials for product validation, algorithms and software development, establishing QMS process leading to ISO13485 certification, obtaining safety certifications such as FCC/CE and regulatory approval for our major markets. We are also looking for potential industry partners who can provide market access by integrating our solution in their existing portfolio or distributing it to their network.


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