The Elevator (April 2017)

The Elevator
Organised by: NRF with A*StartCentral 
Theme: Healthcare 

Team Abstracts

ACM Biolabs 
We have proven that membrane proteins embedded in our proprietary artificial cell membranes ("ACM") act as excellent vaccines effective against a range of viral and bacterial diseases. We are currently scaling up the technology towards being used against an important veterinary virus and are working towards building both veterinary and human vaccine pipelines.

We are looking to establish partnerships with leading companies and individuals (such as immunologists) where we can collaborate towards developing innovative vaccines using our technology. We are seeking funding to develop our human vaccine pipeline and are always interested in speaking with strategic investors who can bring value to our company. 

A Device for Real-time Risk Stratification of Adverse Cardiac Events 
We aim to provide a cloud-based, intelligent risk prediction solution by developing a generic Internet-of-Things (IoT) based gateway that can interface with not only our own-customised device but also third-party vital signs monitoring devices. The gateway can be paired with a smartphone where our novel heart rate variability risk score will be generated using our patented algorithms validated by clinical trials. All features together with prediction results will subsequently be uploaded to a cloud-based database management system. We have started a spin-off company, and are seeking funding to license the technology and bring product to market. 

Lion TCR Pte Ltd
Lion TCR is a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded by Dr Li Lietao. It is focused on the development and commercialisation of redirected TCR-T cell therapy against viral-related cancers pertinent in Asia harnessing the power of the patient's own immune system. The company’s technology is developed based on the research of Prof Antonio Bertoletti, the company’s scientific co-founder, and research program director of A*STAR’s Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences.

The company has obtained a global exclusive license from A*STAR and has successfully completed pre-clinical studies. Lion TCR expects a high demand for its lead product candidates for treatment against HCC which are currently on human clinical trials. The company is on schedule for a multicentre clinical trial under FDA regulation, covering the United States and China. The company is seeking funding for these clinical development and manufacturing programs.

MirXES is a Singapore headquartered life sciences company with global sales operations. We have developed novel miRNA-based molecular diagnostic assay kits for blood-based screening of lung, breast and gastric cancers.

These assays are currently undergoing multi-centre clinical validation in Singapore and China, and are expected to launch from 2018 onwards. We are seeking commercialisation partners in APAC markets and investors to syndicate for Series B.

DeNova Sciences
DeNova Sciences has developed proprietary DNSkinTM Origin and DNSkinTM DryTM models based on organotypic co-cultures (OTC) comprising human keratinocytes grown on fibroblast-embedded collagen gels. Our models present a high degree of similarity with human skin when characterised with several skin biomarkers, and the use of a serum free, chemically-defined medium further strengthens this platform.

DeNova’s DNSkinTM models act as skin substitutes for in vitro skin barrier testing in cosmetics, allowing the industry to reconcile issues of ethical constraints and biocompatibility. The team is seeking funding to further develop existing products and to develop new product lines. They are also seeking customers and key opinion leaders in dermatological-related industries.

TendonRegen is the next step in revolutionary tissue engineered biomaterials for the repair, regeneration and restoration of torn ligaments and tendons. Our implant is developed on a breakthrough, mass-producible and scalable synthetic polymer fabrication platform, which produces fully bioresorbable, synthetic tendon grafts with highly unique features that enable enhanced tendon regeneration whilst assuring high mechanical stability and robustness.

Full range of motion can be expected within 3 weeks, and as healing proceeds, the biomaterial also undergoes gradual resorption so that healthy tissue takes over the function of the graft. TendonRegen has demonstrated complete bridging of a 2-cm tendon defect in a micro-pig animal model. The team is seeking funding to start a spin-off company, as well as partners to advise on regulatory, marketing and distribution strategies. 

Sunvisiae Biotech
Sunvisiae Biotech is developing skin-care products containing novel anti-aging and skin-whitening ingredients derived from local microorganisms. The bioactive ingredients present superior anti-aging and skin whitening effects, are natural and affordable, and can be sustainably produced though a proprietary fermentation process. 

We have completed studies with a prototype on in vitro skin models, and are seeking partners and funding to start production and commercialise the product. We are seeking funding for these clinical development and manufacturing programs.


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