Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a multi-disciplinary international board with expertise in broad areas of technology. SAB convenes annually in Singapore to advise on NRF’s policies and programmes.

The SAB’s role is to:

  • Highlight critical issues and emerging global trends in basic and investigator-led research where Singapore could fill a gap or meet a need;
  • Identify, with the NRF, new areas of research where Singapore can reap the benefits of cutting edge science and build the foundation for enterprise and industry growth;
  • Review and advise on the proposals and plans prepared by the NRF; and
  • Assist and advise the NRF on the management of R&D, including the allocation of funding and the assessment of research outcomes.
SAB members are appointed by the Chairman of the NRF Board. The SAB is chaired by Prof Sir Richard Friend, Cavendish Professor of Physics, University of Cambridge.

The SAB comprises the following members:

Prof Sir Richard Friend
Chairman of SAB
Cavendish Professor of Physics,
University of Cambridge
Prof Paul Blom
Director, Max Planck Institute for
Polymer Research
Sir Leszek Borysiewicz
Chairman, Cancer Research UK
Prof Jean-Lou Chameau
President Emeritus,
California Institute of
Prof Harvey Fineberg
President, Gordon and
Betty Moore
Prof Anthony Finkelstein
Chief Scientific Adviser
for National
Security, UK
Prof Anne O'Garra
Associate Research Director,
The Francis Crick Institute
Dr Goh Eng Lim
Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer
(High Performance
Computing and
Artificial Intelligence),
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mr Michael Idelchik
Former Vice President
(Advanced Technologies),
GE Global Research
Prof Cherry Murray
Benjamin Peirce
Professor of Technology
and Public Policy
and Professor of Physics,
Harvard University
Prof Ulrich Suter
Emeritus Professor, ETH Zurich
Prof Zhang Tong
Professor of Computer
Science and Mathematics,
The Hong Kong University
of Science and Technology
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