RIEC Logo Rationale


The key thrusts of Research, Innovation and Enterprise are embodied in the three cubes in vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow.

The cubes, vertically placed, reflect how the elements of Research, Innovation and Enterprise build on one another, catalysing Singapore’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy.

The colour red represents dynamism, passion and courage, signifying Singapore’s bold commitment to this new phase of growth.

The colour orange symbolises warmth, energy and interaction, underpinning the drive to create a thriving ecosystem for ideas, talent and enterprise. 

The colour yellow denotes intelligence, imagination and logical thought, representing the pursuit of scientific excellence and the creation of new market opportunities.


#12-02, CREATE Tower

Singapore 138602

Tel: 6684 2900 Fax: 6684 0384

Email: communications@nrf.gov.sg