Dr Eugene See

Dr Eugene See, Head (CREATE)

1. Tell us about your role in NRF.

I am part of a team that manages the strategic and operational aspects of the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) programme that was established by the NRF. I interact a lot with the researchers from both our local universities and overseas partners to better understand the research they are doing and also to help them overcome their obstacles wherever possible. We also interact frequently with people from the Singapore Ministries and Agencies to find out more about their medium to long term needs, and link them up with the appropriate research capability that could possibly generate options for them. From there, the CREATE team is able to guide the research programmes within CREATE, together with the support of the Ministries and Agencies, to deliver societal and economic impact to Singapore.

2. What is your most exciting experience in NRF?

One of the benefits of working in NRF is having opportunities to develop projects or programmes at the national level. One such project I developed from scratch was the research programme Science of Learning (SoL). The SoL initiative seeks to develop a science-based understanding of the effectiveness of Singapore’s education methods as well as develop new methods to realise better learning outcomes. In the process, it aims to grow and strengthen Singapore’s research capabilities and grow a pool of manpower in relevant research areas. Developing SoL involved understanding the state-of-the-art research and technology, and identifying possible niche areas that Singapore could invest in.  During the project development stage, it was an eye opening experience to meet numerous researchers, both local and international, to seek their opinions about the possible scope of the programme. It is exciting to see the research community participate in the call for proposals, with numerous interesting projects being surfaced.  

3. Share with us one thing you enjoy while working in NRF.

Working together with like-minded colleagues to connect with all parts of the research ecosystem, and to see the work we do create an impact on Singapore’s research ecosystem. 

4. How does your time in NRF aid in your career goals?

My time in NRF has allowed me to gain a broad perspective of the local and international research initiatives and policies. It has also provided me with networks and the hands-on skills for research management. 

5. If you were to share one piece of advice that you learned in NRF, what would it be?

Due to the dynamic nature of our work, we are required to actively engage our stakeholders throughout the process. Nevertheless, it’s always critical to get the policies right from the start, given that it lays the foundation for everything that comes after. 



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