Taking Telehealth Forward

“We’re also focusing on telehealth because it is a fast-growing and underserved market. We can reduce firms’ costs in collecting and separating blood samples, and help them to expand to more markets, like chronic disease monitoring.
- Dr Gao Jie, Founder, HiSEPOR

HiSEPOR founder Dr Gao Jie explains how its blood sampling kit could improve health screening and monitoring for the masses.

Anyone who has had blood drawn for testing knows the hassle of traveling to a hospital or clinic, registering and waiting for the procedure. 
Now, medical start-up HiSEPOR has created a simple home kit to draw and separate blood for health screening and monitoring. 

About 80 per cent of health screening tests are performed using only the plasma in blood. The kit contains a lancet to draw blood, a dried plasma spot card that has slots with membranes to separate plasma from the rest of the blood, and packaging to mail the card that includes desiccants and antioxidants to keep the samples pristine during delivery. 

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