Intelligent Robots on the Move

Co-founder and CEO of Movel AI, Abhishek Gupta, explains how their software can enable more effective navigation and faster deployment of robots.


Be it a robot that cleans a shopping mall, serves food in a restaurant, or transport goods in a warehouse, it will require a navigation software backend to control its movement precisely in different environments.


Movel AI, a local deep-tech startup, provides such software solutions to various hardware robotics companies.


Their software can enable more effective navigation and faster deployment of robots, which is three times more accurate, five times faster and 80 per cent cheaper than current standards.


Co-founder and CEO Abhishek Gupta shared that many robots currently cannot navigate in surroundings autonomously.


To overcome this, Movel AI, developed an advanced system that combines sensor fusion and vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, allowing robots to “see and react” to their surroundings the way humans do.


He added that their software system is compatible with any robots using the Robot Operating System (ROS), and around 80-90 per cent of the robots worldwide are currently using ROS.


Companies also can choose any light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors, cameras, or motor encoders in the market to assemble their robots. Movel AI’s system can collect the data from all these different components to give a single output.

Movel AI’s Seirios Robotic Navigation System dashboard where the robot’s position is represented by a triangle in the map with a control panel.

“This makes it much easier for the companies to choose what kind of sensors and parts their robots are compatible with. Instead of using one high-end LiDAR, they can use additional cameras to complement the sensors, thus bringing down costs and reducing deployment time,” said Abhishek.


The system can achieve navigation accuracy of less than 5cm with recommended sensors even in dynamic environments.


Easy to Use


As part of making robot navigation seamless, Movel AI made it simple and convenient for users to operate robots through their system.


Abhishek said that users do not need to have prior knowledge of ROS or other deep-tech expertise; they can “simply take out their phone, tablets or PC, and tell the robot to do a task with one click”.

Co-founder and CEO of Movel AI, Abhishek Gupta 

For instance, after a hotel client has integrated Movel AI software with a service robot, they can easily use their mobile device to connect to the robot through WiFi or the local network. Through a few simple clicks of a button, they can customise the robot’s navigation route to various locations.


Clients can also use the same interface to instruct the robot to complete specific tasks, such as mapping an area to clean.


“It is like training a kid, telling (the robot) this is room A, room B, room C, which it will learn and automatically navigate around after you taught it once,” Abhishek explains.


Other than the service industry, Movel AI also supports the cleaning, healthcare and construction industries. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels can use their software to task robots to deliver food to quarantine rooms or serve food in restaurants to minimise contact.


Moving forward, Movel AI envisions itself to be the software provider for robotics companies in Singapore. Abhishek hopes to partner with more robotics companies locally.


By integrating their software, different companies’ robots of various uses can easily communicate when placed in the same environment, fostering an ecosystem of robots.


He said, “Robotics is progressing, and I think that in the next 15 to 20 years, each individual person will be surrounded by at least two or three robots, which is the scale of robotics in future.”


“I believe this is the best time to be in deep-tech and robotics because this field is progressing at a very exponential rate.”


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