The Elevator (June 2018)

The Elevator

Organised by: A*StartCentral 
Theme: Healthcare 

Team Abstracts

Carbon Nanotube
A point-of-care diagnostic kit that detects the dengue virus using carbon nanotube technology

A restrictive device implanted on the stomach to mimic sleeve gastrectomy surgery as a reversible option, with less side effects for the treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders.

Microtube Technologies
Providing ultrathin tubular sensors for medical applications.

A reinforced tenacious stent which degrades gradually, reducing the risk of late stent thrombosis and promoting positive remodelling of the vessel.

Combining micro-technology and skin biology to provide an integrated culture and overcome limitations of the current technology.

Prime Respi
Acoustic-based therapy to loosen and mobilise mucus in the lower respiratory tracts for a more effective expectoration.

A cloud-based health data monitoring platform that connects patients with physicians and health coaches, to support the management of type 2 diabetes.


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