Interactive & Digital Media

The Interactive and Digital Media (IDM) sector is poised for tremendous growth, fuelled largely by the technological advancements and adoption in computing, broadband and mobile telephony. IDM will be a fundamental enabler in the 21st century, presenting opportunities for new players, new content and business models. The IDM sector is a key driver in Singapore's thrust towards an innovative global media city.

The IDM Strategic Research Programme will leverage on Singapore's unique multi-cultural, multi-lingual and cosmopolitan identity, our strong foundation in information and communications infrastructure, our reputation as a trusted capital with a best-in-Asia intellectual property (IP) regime and a talented workforce, to catalyse new and innovative business models and activities in the IDM sector and create niches within this space that Singapore can excel in.

The development of the IDM sector requires the collaboration of a diverse range of public sector agencies, educational and research institutions, industry players and other stakeholders. Four key focus areas have been identified.

1. Education;
2. Animation, Games & Effects;
3. Media Intermediary ("Mediary") Services; and
4. "On-the-Move" Technologies.

The IDM R&D Programme is under the purview of the IDM Programme Office (IDMPO), which coordinates a nation-wide effort across various agencies and oversees R&D initiatives in the IDM space, while research on the use of IDM in Education is overseen by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Interactive & Digital Media R&D Programme

The IDMPO has established an R&D programme with funding initiatives for the three R&D focus areas of Animation, Games & Effects, Media Intermediary ("Mediary") Services, and "On-the-Move" Technologies. The programme seeks to grow the IDM ecosystem by providing:

  • Support for individuals: The IDM Jumpstart and Mentor (i.JAM) initiative supports individuals and start-ups with breakthrough ideas that can be developed into innovative products and services;
  • Support for Institutes of Higher Learning: The IDM Research Oriented Centres of Knowledge (i.ROCK) initiative aims to grow a network of local and international research organisations that will enhance the capabilities of the IDM industry and create a unique brand for IDM R&D in Singapore; and
  • Support for Industry: IDM support for industry encourages investment by key industry players to develop new open access platforms that will in turn stimulate demand for applications, products and services, and grow the IDM sector. By leveraging on the support schemes of IDM agencies in Singapore, it also aims to establish Singapore as a preferred location for the development and testbedding of innovative and commercially-viable IDM R&D services and products.

Interactive & Digital Media in Education

The MOE's R&D on IDM in Education programme will support the broader vision of growing Singapore's IDM brand and the Singapore Education brand.

MOE is working with the National Institute of Education, universities, polytechnics, arts institutions, industry as well as overseas institutions with the best capabilities in this area, to push the R&D frontiers in the use of IDM for learning. MOE supports R&D projects on IDM in Education that could help achieve the following outcomes:

  • Facilitate engaged learning for students in both the school and higher education sectors;
  • Develop educational models and tools to equip students with the right skills and competences to be ready for an IDM pervasive environment; and
  • Find ways for Singapore to generate commercial returns from its existing strengths in education.

The MOE's IDM Programme Office serves as the single point of contact for all matters pertaining to IDM R&D in both school and higher education sectors as well as to oversee the evaluation of IDM in Education R&D project proposals.

For more information on R&D on IDM in Education, please refer to the National Institute of Education website.

Interactive & Digital Media Strengths

Singapore has built capabilities in interactive and digital media, IT, computational science, communications and multimedia technologies, cloud computing and security.

Research focus in data analytics will provide organisations with decision-making tools based on data, ranging from the spread of infectious diseases, traffic management to consumer behaviour. Consequently, cloud computing research is poised to be the way the next generation of IT and network services will be delivered to homes and businesses. 

In interactive and digital media, Singapore will continue to nurture technology enterprises in virtual world and games, mobile media and rich media and publishing. 

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