Technology Incubation Scheme

The Technology Incubation Scheme (TIS) is an initiative under the National Framework for Innovation and Enterprise (NFIE) programme, which was set up in March 2008. 

Under the TIS scheme, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore could co-invest up to 85% of investment (up to S$500,000 per company) into a Singapore-based start-up, on recommendation from the Technology Incubator. 

The Technology Incubator will be required to co-invest the remaining 15% of investment into the start-up. In addition to funding, the Technology Incubator will be required to provide active mentorship and guidance to the start-up.

As an incentive, the Technology Incubator will be given an option to buy over NRF’s stake in the start-up within three years by repaying the capital plus interest. This will align the interests of all parties towards the success of the start-up companies, and help to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore.

Technological Incubators

Till date, NRF has selected 14 Technology Incubators under the TIS scheme.

These Technology Incubators are:

Start-ups who are interested in the TIS scheme should contact the Technology Incubators.

Press Releases

Inverted Edge secures over USD$1.6 million in funding to launch a global online fashion retailer, 19 Feb 2013

Jungle Ventures
ShopSpot announces a new mobile shopping platform connecting local lifestyle brands with mobile shoppers, 19 Feb 2013

Red Dot Ventures
Red Dot Ventures invests $500K in Phoenix Molecular to help diagnose viruses faster, 28 Sep 2016

Launch of 3D multitouch controller Touch+ by Ractiv, 8 Aug 2014

Red Dot Ventures invests in big data technology platform provider, Gnosis Analytics Pte Ltd, 15 Apr 2014

Red Dot Ventures invests in GCORELAB PTE LTD - A leading Thermal Management Solutions Company, 9 Apr 2013

Red Dot Ventures invests S$589K in 3D printer startup Pirate3DP, 1 Feb 2013

Techcube 8

Digital Garage enters into a capital and business alliance with Singapore-based LCO to support loyalty program businesses by providing a platform for international travel apps - Using smartphone apps to promote outbound and inbound marketing solutions, 4 Jun 2015

TNF Ventures
Tribehired closes S$700K seed investment led by TNF Ventures, 22 Mar 2013

Mobile Media Creations, developers of the MOGi m-Commerce platform, secures S$588K funding to advance roll-out plans, 5 Feb 2013

Quantine Pte. Ltd., creators of, secures USD $500K funding to advance roll-out plans, 1 Feb 2013

Wavemaker Partners
Creopop raises seed financing round led by Wavemaker Partners and Singapore National Research Foundation to advance 3D printing, 2 Jun 2015

Adzcentral raises S$4 million in Series A funding, 20 Mar 2013

NUS partners with FIND to discover novel biomarkers for Tuberculosis detection, 15 Dec 2011

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